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In parallel with recordings and performances, Van-Anh offers private and small group instructions to all ages:

  • Beginner Level. From the first lesson, students will learn about the instrument, from the story behind its design to necessary knowledge to play the instrument. Students will learn the techniques of changing and tuning the strings, the right posture while playing the instrument, and the music notation. Starting with simple folk songs from Vietnam and Asia, students will acquire the skills to perform Vietnamese and Asian traditional music along with some contemporary compositions. There will be opportunities to play together with other instruments accompanied by Van-Anh Vo or other students.

  • Intermediate Level. At this level, Van-Anh Vo will introduce students to the main traditional music genres in Vietnam, including Northern dân ca Quan Họ Bắc Ninh and Chèo, Hue Nhã Nhạc, and Southern Cải Lương styles. While learning how to play and present the songs, students will explore the history Vietnamese culture through music. Students will also be trained to play in an ensemble as well as to perform at small events.

  • Master Level. Students at the master level will concentrate on specific genres of interest. Van-Anh Vo will guide students to recognize and compare the differences and similarities of the three traditional music genres and their respective techniques. Students will also learn ensemble compositions, and to play as soloist with Van-Anh Vo’s Ensemble.

  • Workshops. Van-Anh Vo also conducts workshops on Vietnamese traditional music and instruments. Contact dantranhviet@yahoo.com for more details.